Nine Inch Nails
Lights in the Sky Tour

Client: Nine Inch Nails | Lights in the Sky Tour | 2008
Designer: LeRoy Bennett

Quote from a music professional:

“I’ve seen both McCartney and Nine Inch Nails in the past. They are always really good. But the staging, lights and video turned both sets into, dare I say, “A religious experience”.  I was with a bunch of sophisticated concert goers–we actually had a conversation about the impact of the lights/videos/smoke. Everyone agreed that nothing they had seen had ever looked as good. The lights/video/staging contributed to an unusual energy and a mystique. No, I wan’t on drugs.

I’m surprised it was the same guy who designed both shows, because they appeared so different from one another. The design went really well with the persona of each of the artists and with the individual songs themselves. Add to this the fact that McCartney is about transcendent love whereas Nine Inch Nails delves into post-industrial depth and despair, so they couldn’t be more opposite. This LeRoy Bennett guy is a game changer.”